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Jamaica Wedding Planning

Are you on the hunt for the perfect theme destination for your special day? Looking for the best wedding packages abroad? You have come to the right place!

Start your lifetime memories in the perfect location like Jamaica. Having a wedding in a romantic and beautiful place like Jamaica is an amazing idea. You cannot only choose from a number of stunning and exotic wedding sites but as well can combine your beautiful wedding ceremony with a wonderful honeymoon, and can share the experience with your family members and closest friends.

At Exotic Dream Wedding Jamaica, we take pride to have created memorable weddings and memories for a diverse set of clients around the globe. We serve different clients from different parts of the world including the United States, Canada and the other areas.

Since inception, our company has been providing professional wedding services in Jamaica and in its some of the most spectacular and exotic locations. With many years of combined experience, our wedding experts will plan and coordinate everything for you to save you time and stress.

Our commitment to high quality wedding services and ability to understand what is important to our diverse clients are the reasons why Exotic Dream Wedding Jamaica has become one of the most trusted and preferred wedding planners and coordinators to many couples worldwide.

Service Overview


We  cater for a minimum of 20 persons up to a maximum of 200.The choice is varied and many but we especially like to cater to your taste and enjoy customizing your menu for your special day. Be it breakfast , brunch or a sumptuous dinner Exotic Dream Weddings uses the best  caterers in the wedding industry on the north coast.Professional and reliable service, tasty sumptous meals …Our courteous staff awaits you.We offer beautifully designed cakes in varied flavors to your suit. If you have a picture of the cake you would like just send it to us and we will replicate it.From a single tier  cake to a grand display with bridges and waterfalls, Exotic Dream Weddings will have the cake of your dreams ready for your wedding.

Limousine Service

Red carpet style that’s how we like to do it! Drive to and or from your wedding in a beautiful white or black limousine with leather interiors, bottles of champagne in a loaded refrigerator and soft wedding music in the background. A nicely attired driver in suit and white gloves says it all. Arrive in a limousine, arrive in style after all a limousine spells class and what a delightful way to start or end the most memorable day in your life!!

Videography and Photography

We have a set of well trained professionals and a very flexible and accommodating team. Our prices are unbeatable.We use  high tech equipment, HD video cameras and high pixel photo cameras. Our service behind and in front of the camera is second to none  we take great pride in our product and services. We have our own unique way  of making even the most nervous bride relax within seconds. We consider Your wedding day as being special and as such we make the experience fun bearing in mind your time certain important things such as your time limitations  and the weather condition. Most people are not aware that the time of day you choose to get married is important. From my years of experience i would say the best times are: 10 am or 11 am and  between the hours of 2 pm and 4pm. Those times are ideal except for a certain time of the year closer to Christmas when the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier. Midday is the worst time of the day for an outdoor wedding as the sun  is directly above and throws shadows and circles around your eyes.

Mento Band

Experience the good old Jamaican culture a mento band adds a unique flair to your wedding. It sets a pleasant mood of peace and joy. With good vibes and great music the ambiance is already set for a wonderful wedding when you use the services of a mento band.

Steel Band

The Caribbean is famous for its unique style culture and music. The Steel pan music is vitalizing and energizes.Once its playing you cant help but move or rock to the scintillating  rhythm of the pans. Steel pan music brings fun excitement and invigorates laughter.  Our steel pan men have little amusing antics they do while they perform to make the presentation an even more delightful one. Choose to have one today and brighten your wedding day with the rhythmic sound of the Caribbean pans.

Music System & DJ

We can provide at your request a DJ with a music system to play for up to four or five hours.pricing depends on the hours. Experienced djs with an array of music from soul to hip hop to reggae. soul filling music the couple may provide a song list or a thumb drive with their favorite wedding tunes indicating when they would like each played. The DJ plays a very important part in the making of a successful wedding day.

Dove Releasing

The releasing of doves is a symbolic ritual performed by couples signifying the purity and peace of their wedded love. Releasing of the doves, couples believe is a way of ensuring that the type of devotion doves display to each other will be bestowed on the bride and groom as the dove is released with it’s mate. Dove releases are an elegant and beautiful touch to a wedding ceremony.

Hearts of Flower in Sand

What a beautiful way to display how you feel inside about the one you love ? Order a floral heart of petals laid in sand today and have your two hearts embalmed and entwined in love as you both exchange vows on your special day.

Unity Candle

The lighting of the unity candle symbolizes the union of two hearts and two families. Two candles representing the couple individually are used to light a single center candle indicating the commitment and bond between the two, a symbol of unity, life and a visual celebration of the joining of two hearts as one

Sand Ceremony

The Sand ceremony symbolizes two separate lives being joined together. Sand of two different colors is poured from individual containers into a third container. This represents the uniting of two separate lives and represents the holy bond between husband and wife. Just like the grains of sands can never again be separated, so shall your marriage be. (Excerpt from Kahlil Gibran)